Who We Are

HomeLink International Associates is a not-for-profit association registered in Belgium. HomeLink Australia is a part of Leftfield Publishing, and is permanent member of HomeLink International Associates.

Our Mission

Home Exchange is about much more than a holiday. In recognition of this, HomeLink International has enshrined the following object in our Statutes:

The Association is a non-profit organization having a humanitarian and pedagogic character with the goal of creating possibilities for low budget holiday and cultural exchanges in an effort to improve mutual understanding among the Peoples of the World.

When We Started

HomeLink International was founded in 1953. You can read more on our HomeLink Story page. HomeLink Australia joined the HomeLink group in 1980.

Our Members

HomeLink International has over 13,000 financial members. Around 1,000 of these are Australians. HomeLink members are typically experienced travellers, culturally aware, and seeking more rewarding travel experiences.

Our Local Offices

One of the great strengths of HomeLink is that we have local offices for 27 Countries. These offices help give their local members the right advice on home exchanging.

As a traveller, it is reassuring to know that the local offices are also keen to provide you with assistance when visiting their country.

Our Range

We have members in over 70 countries. Most importantly, our members are spread throughout each country, so that you can experience life away from the usual tourist hot spots if you wish.

Our Board

HomeLink International is a global community, and this is reflected in the HomeLink International Board: