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Home swapping is a unique alternative to commercial tourism, and has been for decades.

An ever-growing trend

The recent emergence of a more personalised approach to travel, as well as the worldwide economic slump, have both contributed to the current boom in home swapping. Attention from the media (thank you!) has also done a great deal in promoting the cause of home exchange. It has never been more popular – attracting an ever-growing group of open-minded people – as well as numerous new home swapping websites, often one-man-band operations or VC-financed IPO aspirants offering free access to members and boasting staggering numbers of homes around the world.

At HomeLink, we do things differently

Pioneers of home exchange since 1953, we are an international association based in Brussels, with 27 multi-lingual representatives around the world offering advice and local support to our members. HomeLink is the original network of active and reliable exchangers. Our goal is to continue to defend the original values of home exchange: trust, mutual respect and support, open-mindedness and genuine interest in other cultures.

Australian HomeLinkers

HomeLink Australia has been assisting Aussies to swap around the world since 1980. We welcome your interest in our service and in house swapping holidays generally.

We are more than happy to assist your story with:

Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.


Try house swapping yourself

If you would like to personally discover just what the experience of being a HomeLinker is all about, we are happy to help. Contact us to learn more about special memberships for journalists (accredited members of the Australian media only).