Explore Australia's own backyard

Don't let the time, cost, or physical effort involved in international travel discourage you from taking a holiday this year.

The very best holiday experiences are often the ones we can find and enjoy right here, amongst friends, relatives, and fellow Aussies.

Swapping homes with a fellow Australian is a great way to explore our own backyard .. and on a super shoestring budget too! Consider all the various expenses of a typical international holiday - aside from accommodation (which is free with home swapping), the greatest cost by far, is the airfares. So imagine how affordable your holiday can be, just by choosing to swap homes with another HomeLinker right here in the Great South Land.

For house swapping first timers, it's also a great way to "dip a toe in the water" .. with local people .. perhaps in a nearby capital city or tourist region.

HomeLink "Local" membership - Australia + New Zealand

Don't forget about our friends just across the Tasman either. There are nearly 300 HomeLinkers in the stunningly beautiful Land of the Long White Cloud. And the cost of airfares to New Zealand can be even less than flying in to one of Australia's major cities. Our Kiwi friends are wonderful people to house swap with. And their accent alone might be enough to give you a taste of the alternate cultural experience you'd expect to find in a non-English speaking country!

Best of all, the new friendships you will make around Australia are so easy to foster and maintain. Happy reunions and follow up house swaps are naturally just par for the course when you swap houses with a fellow Aussie .. just ask some of our many longstanding members.

Local friendships. More savings.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then HomeLink "Local" is for you.

This super low cost membership option was created in response to member feedback, as a special collaboration between HomeLink Australia and HomeLink New Zealand. With HomeLink "Local", you receive all the benefits of becoming part of the global HomeLink family, while swapping homes exclusively with Aussie and Kiwi HomeLinkers.

Of course, if your circumstances change, and you later decide that you would like to take an international home swapping holiday after all, you can upgrade to full HomeLink International membership with just one phone call.