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60 years experience in house swapping

Welcome to HomeLink, the world’s oldest house swapping community. Our not-for-profit organisation has pioneered the global experience of house swapping holidays since 1953.

Local support in 27 major countries

Wherever you are, HomeLink has local Coordinators to help you. That’s very important.

Most of the "new" breed of internet-only home exchange networks are based in one country, with one disengaged "web-master" - someone who may have never done a home exchange themselves. If you have a question or problem while exchanging in a distant time zone, there’s no one local - much less with local knowledge - to advise you.

HomeLink’s global team of mature age, active, highly experienced house swappers is available to help with knowledgeable, personal support wherever you are house swapping. Here in Australia, and around the world.

Swap houses in 70+ countries

From Brazil to Belgium and Tahiti to Turkey, house swapping with HomeLink is a rich and rewarding experience. Members meet like-minded people from very different backgrounds, live as a local and enjoy low cost holidays with all the comforts and warmth of home.

More experienced home exchangers


HomeLink may have fewer listings than some newer, el cheapo networks. But what our 12,000+ members do have, is far more experience. When you contact other HomeLinkers, you are more likely to find someone who has been holidaying with us for years, and has completed many successful home exchanges. They "know the ropes", and can help guide you through the process of enjoying a safe, trouble-free home exchange holiday.

100% money back guarantee

HomeLink is unique in offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Simply, we believe it is the right thing to do. We want you to enjoy many years of successful house swapping holidays with us. If we can’t help to make that happen for you, then we want you to have your money back.

House swappers you can trust

At HomeLink, we understand that you need to find far more than just the right house. You need to find trustworthy people to swap houses with. People who make you feel comfortable, and share your values.

Rest assured that HomeLinkers are those people. Since 1953, our global community has grown on word-of-mouth, and a wonderful tradition which we call "The HomeLink Spirit". It is our simple, old-fashioned community values. Respect. Trust. Caring. Generosity. HomeLinkers understand that these values are the foundation for every great house swapping holiday.

New friends and new holiday experiences

If you share our values too, and you would like to begin forming instant (and often lifelong) friendships in over 70 countries around the world, then on behalf of our entire global community we'd like to say, "Welcome Home".

Please browse around - we hope you will decide to stay.